Improving Concentration for Success - Self Help Booklet

4) How to improve concentration & focus for success?

Success comes from one pointed focus at one point in time.
Most of us live in a state of near-constant distraction. Thanks to our electronic gadgets & connected devices (with internet) - smart phones, tablets, digital watches, laptops, the multiple apps and notifications ensures we never get focussed, by multi-tasking thereby loosing focus and concentration. 

"Success has a relation to the satisfaction of the soul in the context of the environment in which one lives; it is a result of actions based on the ideals of truth, and includes the happiness and well-being of others as a part of one's own fulfillment" - Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

Concentration leads to success and thereby happiness. And there has been no change in meaning or context of this fact from ages and times immemorial. In Bhagavad Gita, when Arjuna told that he could see the bird's eye only while aiming he was talking about concentration. (Reference - Dronacharya conducted a test. He placed a bird made of wood on the branch of a tree and told them to focus on the bird’s eye without shooting it). And when Virat Kohli or Sachin Tendulkar used to bat, they were able to break all cricket records because they were focussing on the ball, bat and game only....not thinking anything else.

Lack of Concentration leads to failure and thereby sorrow - Failure here represents not able to meet the desired goals, and it should not be taken literally. And all types of accidents happen due to lack of concentration resulting in property damage, injury, loss of life. For example, road traffic - car accidents happen due to lack of concentration of the driver on his or her driving. Some extreme examples of failures are like people meet accidents fall, get electric shocks, cuts, burns etc due to careless approach or lack of concentration.   

John Doerr’s first OKR superpower in Measure What Matters is the ability to focus and commit to priorities. This power makes great things happen. Think of it — space exploration or turning your phone into a supercomputer. When focus is our superpower, we can make a positive impact. But when we don't use it, we struggle to live up to our potential.

How to develop Concentration?  Concentration comes from POSITIVE MIND POWER, and one can develop positive mind power by practicing scientific meditation and yoga techniques consistently...and without fail. Positive Mind Power can be developed by reducing your NEGATIVE MIND POWER in form of fear, worry, threats and mood swings. One can avoid reading or watching negative news and further discussing or sharing with your friends and relatives. Getting rid of nervousness can also help reduce getting affected by mood swings. In particular, young women have higher mood swings compared to men. Because the Alerting System or the so called Sixth Sense is very high and focussed in females. The brain is constantly worrying about the male gaze, problem around and intrusion around them in offices, roads, etc. 
It's a myth to develop concentration and mind power by joining a weekend workshop or reading a mind power book.  To explain this point - THE SECRET by Rhonda Bryne, the best-selling mind power book has sold thirty million+ copies. I am ignoring the fact that a book is shared among friends and family members. Then the 30 million readers including me, there should be more than thirty million millionaires added worldwide by everyone wants to be rich as that's the first thing people want to get manifested.  But we didn't become a millionaire and failed to manifest our thoughts, because we didn't knew how to clean our MIND CACHE or preconceived notions related to our life and situations. 
Hong Sau meditation by SRF / YSS is an ancient and powerful technique that helps to develop the mind’s latent powers of concentration
Inner and Outer Distractions -
Most young women are constantly conscious about their physical appearance, dressing, male gaze and how. They tend to take more time to complete a task compared to men (with the same skillset and education). Women in general are more distracted than men. With more dressing options available for women to wear, with variety of cuts, deep necklines etc, their subconscious mind is in a constant flux and compulsion to attract the opposite sex leads to a constant array of thoughts leading to lower concentration and productivity.  

Hence, it becomes important for companies and their human resources department to lay out guidelines to improve productivity for their teams. For example wearing simple and comfortable clothes for both men and women (except in select sales personnel). This also means women should avoid wearing very "revealing" dresses with deep necklines and mini skirts.  Also, dresses should not be very bright and harsh colours. Without a standard dressing policy, this will distract the whole office on a routine basis,  and leading to several minutes of wasted time and lowered productivity.
Guidelines to avoid wearing strong perfumes and deodorants.  
Except when they are in the show business like celebrities, models, performing artistes, or a news and media agency.  
Suggested Readings & References: - 
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - The Essential Yoga Texts for Spiritual Enlightenment - By Swami Vivekananda
Focusing the Power of Attention for Success - by Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda
Indistractable - How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life - by Nir Eyal

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