8) Learnings from Human Body for success & harmony in business

8) Learnings from Human Body for success & harmony in business

Apple's stock market value briefly rose above $ 3 Trillion on 4th Jan 2022 and thats the sign of a perfectly harmonious company with their purpose and deliverables properly aligned. Success in business is all about perfect co-ordination with your teams, resources and available know how & knowledge. 

We can learn a lot about automation and successful workflow management from our body and the functions. This book aims to create a logical relationship with the perfect machinery of the world - HUMAN BODY with a typical corporate organization.

The Brain and the Mind is the CEO of a company
Ether - Throat and Ears are the Research and Development Department
Air - Heart & Lungs are the Human Resource Department
Fire - Stomach and abdomen are the finance department
Water - Urinary area and the sexual organs are the creative and prototype design department
Earth - And the overall body is the organizational structure or the Admin Department.

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This is the theme of the booklet, which will be launched shortly...