8) The Human Body: A Blueprint for Business Success and Harmony

8) The Human Body: A Blueprint for Business Success and Harmony

Apple's stock market value briefly rose above $ 3 Trillion on 4th Jan 2022 and thats the sign of a perfectly harmonious company with their purpose and deliverables properly aligned. Success in business is all about perfect co-ordination with your teams, resources and available know how & knowledge. 

We can learn a lot about automation and successful workflow management from our body and the functions. This book aims to create a logical relationship with the perfect machinery of the world - HUMAN BODY with a typical corporate organization.

The Brain and the Mind is the CEO of a company
Ether - Throat and Ears are the Research and Development Department
Air - Heart & Lungs are the Human Resource Department
Fire - Stomach and abdomen are the finance department
Water - Urinary area and the sexual organs are the creative and prototype design department
Earth - And the overall body is the organizational structure or the Admin Department.

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Who should read this book - This book is ideal for CEOs, Business Owners, entrepreneurs and management students aspiring to start their own business and successfully delegate, manage and scale up their business and this book will help create a step by step process to create logical connections between their departments.  

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