Business Healing by Guruspeak

What is Business Harmony Consultation? And what can Business Owners expect from it?

Business HarmonyBy working together

A lot of businesses suddenly found their sales declining and found themselves irrelevant with Pandemic like the hotels, hospitality, travel and tourism, cars, taxi services, luxury goods, etc. Almost all businesses need to transform themselves & undergo a major overhaul to sustain and thrive in the post pandemic business environment, with Covid 19 disrupting almost every business.
Ideazfirst Business Harmony Consultation services are based on HUMAN BODY which is the perfect machinery of the world. We would identify the inefficiencies & inharmonies in the business, and suggest changes based on the body functioning after mapping it to a human body and chakras. Following things can be expected post consultations : -
  1. Identify the purpose of your company and brands and give a fresh new direction to your business
  2. Reduce overall expenses by identifying and removing inefficiencies and redundancies within the organization. 
  3. Identify newer areas of sustainable revenue generation within the existing business portfolio and available resources.
  4. Realign teams to discover latent talent and improve the overall efficiency and reduce bottlenecks among teams.
  5. Identify the open loops and recommend ways to close the loops in operations by way of automating tasks. This involves automation audit to identify what processes can be automated and what skillset is missing now. Identify the required skillsets to be recruited for next growth level
This will also include competency scanning of top management & key personnel and proposed realignment of teams and resources based on their skills and competencies to increase harmony and overall efficiency.

We also disintegrate and remove negative energies related to following aspects

1. Preconceived & Prejudice ideas.
2. Obstruction any & all
3. Lack of faith & trust
4. Lack of communication among team members
5. Psychic attack from competitors or any other company
6. Limitations past negative memories.

PSD Shielding of office, factory, godown locations with energizing root chakra of business entity.

Following information would be required from your top management, which would be private & confidential: -

Office and other business locations with address.
P&L and Balance Sheet for checking sales and profitability past three years
Current organizational structure, job roles and Hierarchy
Major Competitors & Current issues faced

Please email us  or 9830669066 for a presentation & customized proposal. This is an ongoing process however average duration can range from 3 - 12 months. 

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