How Relationship Healing Works? -

What is "Relationship Healing" and how does it work?

Relationship healing is a process of self-discovery and relationship repair. Through this process, we learn how to heal ourselves and our relationships by learning to listen to our intuition, understand our emotions and work through our past experiences. The goal of relationship healing is not just to help people with their present problems but also to help them create a better future for themselves and others by helping them resolve issues in their past that have led them to be where they are today.

Relationship healing can be done in person or over the phone. It involves a series of interactions with the client followed by scans using an energy healing system, which identifies the congestion or depletion in specific chakras of the persons concerned and helps bring harmony thereby psychological healing of those chakras.

To understand this we must first understand the meaning of Relationship Conflicts first.
Strong in-harmonies and difference of opinion between two people who are socially connected in their personal or professional lives, i.e. Employee & his / her reporting Boss, Parent and their kids, cousins/siblings, married couples

To have a harmonious relationship both people in conflict needs to clearly know, understand and care about each others' personal purpose of life and goals.
If both persons' try to understand and help each other fulfill their physical, emotional and spiritual needs & goals of life, there can never be a conflict.

Can all relationships be repaired or healed?

Equal efforts are needed to repair relationships. It is not necessary that all the relationship issues can be resolved. There can be some relationships that are meant to not exist, hence we may recommend you moving out of the relationship to bring peace into their respective lives (i.e. proceed with divorce proceedings, apply for a new job etc).

How does relationship healing work?

Relationship healing involves a series of interactions with the client followed by scans using an energy healing system, which identifies the congestion or depletion in specific chakras of the persons concerned and helps bring harmony thereby psychological healing of those chakras.

The scan results are then used for further consultation with the client to understand their problem and then a remedy is suggested to resolve it.

Guruspeak Healing Procedure
First step is your registration form - where you need to be fill up and share all information requested without any hesitation or concealing. Your information is strictly confidential and is never shared with anyone except the healers involved. Your personal commitment to resolving a relationship is very important. An open mind and willingness to adopt the suggestions and overall trust and belief in healing process can work.  Only then can healings bring a faster positive change.  

Once your request is accepted, we will schedule and inform you the healing dates. The procedure involves: -
  1. Identifying the root cause of conflicts with separate or joint counselling for both parties
  2. Routine chakral scanning & healing is done on a periodic basis depending on the condition
  3. Discuss the changes or overall feedback from clients
  4. Sharing recommendations and activities and followup for improved relations

Can I cancel this therapy in between and get a refund?

In case you feel that you want to discontinue in between, we refund your fees paid on pro-rata basis.
  1. Guruspeak Team may discontinue the sessions in case we find there is lack of co-operation with not sharing the required details and not following or act upon suggestions or things are not taken seriously.  Doubt and non acceptance leads the therapy to not work on the patients.

    Common relationships & conflicts

    This healing will be conducted distantly over a video call (In-Person consultations are not available due to Covid Pandemic, however, select clients can be invited for our in-clinic consultations in Kolkata). However, we suggest clients based in Kolkata for a one-to-one meeting at our clinics. Approx time duration for such healings can range from one month to six months. It all depends on the severity of the issue.

    How to Book a session - You can book a session by booking your appointment here The fees starts from Rs. 5,000/- per month with a total of 8 sessions. However fees increase based on the severity or complexity of relationship conflict.

    Please provide us with the following information, required for relationship healing: -

    Full name
    Date of Birth
    Relationship type, Occupation
    Current address of both parties
    Full length photographs of both the parties
    Current areas of friction (based on this, you need to answer some more questions)
    Duration of this friction and what all things have been tried to resolve this.

Only select case studies / testimonials will be shared on our website after consent from the client. (After masking the name)

After undergoing this healing process, there are several positive changes that can be expected.
  1. Firstly, both parties will experience a shift in their behavior towards each other, becoming more understanding and considerate.
  2. Secondly, there is a possibility that both parties may come closer together or amicably part ways.
  3. It is important to note that faster and more effective results can be achieved through sincere implementation of the suggestions provided, and by believing in the energy healing system.
However, it is also important to share all critical information related to the process in order to ensure the best possible outcome. In the event that information is withheld, the healing may not work or produce the desired results.

Please call at 9830669066 or email for further discussions.

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