Healing Case Studies

Guruspeak Healing Case Studies

Below are some critical health issues with miraculous and positive results / success stories post Guruspeak healing  (Privacy Policy - Patient initials are only used for the case studies)

NG - Age - 11 years, Gender - Male,
Location - Mumbai
Key Issues -
Emotional issues - Anger and irritability, Itching issues, scalp with fragile and uneven hairs, general weakness due to low food intake and digestive issues and constipation issues and hence lower weight than average.
Previous treatments done by family - These were by birth issues, and they had seen more than 60-70 doctors including allopathy, homeopathy and ayurveda but with no relief
Solutions offered by Guruspeak - Healing twice a week for 8-9 months, Aloe vera pulp application on the scalp, Forgiveness practice with Mom and other family members, switched to complete fruit diet for three months 
Resultsleading to better digestion and zero constipation with increase in body weight and height,
Scalp got filled up with shinier hairs, improved emotional stability with self confidence and better behaviour, reduction in anger and irritability. 

SA - Age - 34 years Gender - Female
Location - Mumbai
Key Issues - Digestion issues

MG - Gender - Female
Location Kolkata
Key Issues - Schizophrenia & Depression

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