How to Donate to Save Cows? And Why

How to Donate to Save Cows? And Why

Purpose of Save Cows Trust.

Protection of Indian breeds of cows, which are getting extinct by way of indiscriminate artificial insemination from jersey bulls and hybrid breeds.

Planning and development of self-sustaining model for Gaushalas.

Helping deliver non adulterated & pure A2 milk to the urban consumers.

Creating Community Gobar Gas Plants for farmers to sell their cow dung and urine for creation of organic products like phenyl, etc

Training farmers to make good use of cowdung and cow urine, and reduce wastage of the same, by way of additional Gobar Gas Plants etc.

Creating awareness about on reducing cattle population due to illegal smuggling of cows and cow slaughter. Mass milk adulteration is due to lesser cattle available to support such a huge population.

Both corporates and individuals can donate using the following link

Please contact us at 9830669066 or for non cash / in kind donations or any queries.