Ether Element -

The first element - Aether

What is Ether / Space or Akasa or Vyom - This is the first element and also represents the top most layer in the atmosphere. Simply put ether is the energy which allows us to speak and listen sounds. The organs associated with the hearing and speaking faculty are  ears and throat. We cannot feel, see, taste or smell this energy. 

Careers with Positive EtherScientists, financial analyst, Chartered Accountants, authors, writers, poets, story & content writing, or authors, singing, lawyer, events, comedy, political leader, master chef, technology oriented careers, Research Associate, Analytics, Audit, Business Consultant

Career bottlenecks with negative ether - Resistance and inability to understand statistical data or balance sheets and make sense out of it. 

Industries and business associated with Ether 

E1 - Ether based business - Ether based companies are companies that manufacture products and deliver services that deal in ether - i.e. sound, spirit, knowledge. This is represented in Blue as the third colour of the rainbow. 

E1 A - Equipments and devices that help in capturing, creation and sharing of ether in both industrial and consumer space are classified in this section.
Computers, File Servers, Storage devices - Microsoft, Dell, IBM, JBL, Sony, Bose
Mobile devices, telephony systems - Apple, Samsung, NEC etc
Audio devices, sound systems - JBL speakers, Harman - Soundcraft Audio Mixers,
Musical instruments - Fender, Gibson,
Publishing companies - Printed Books & magazines, audiobooks, digital books, etc.
Stationery Companies - Notebooks, Pens, Pencils etc.

E1 E - Services that help in capturing, creation and sharing of knowledge and information. Sectors of companies are -
Software, SaaS, based Companies - Google, Apple, Microsoft, Zoho, Amazon - IMDb, Amazon Web Services,
Online Database Subscription 
News and media - Times of India, Zee News,
Marketing Research - Nielsen, Gartner, IQVIA,
Consulting services - McKinsey, BCG, Bloomberg,
Audio Recording labels - EMISony Music EntertainmentUniversal Music Group, and Warner Music Group.
Music subscription - Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Youtube Music, Vevo
Public Relations companies - Reuters, PRNewsWire,
Spiritual organizations like Yogoda Satsanga Society, Self Realization Fellowship, Pranic Healing Institute, Art of Living etc

Organizational Departments associated with Ether

Departments that are closely working with the CEO or the brain - Research and Development department, Content, Strategy, 

Imbalance of Ether element

Natural calamities associated - Pandemic, Covid-19 as its associated with throat. 
Human diseases associated with  - Affects the throat and ears. Throat-related illness like goiter, sore throat, asthama, Deafness, Ruptured Eardrum, Glued Ear, Nerve Deafness, Noise in the Ear or Tinnitus, Vertigo
Business Diseases - Demotivated employees due to lack of direction, purpose, mission, vision and values in the company leading to poor performance in business. No OKRs in place. 
Government Diseases - Poor disaster management related to natural calamities because the proper research has not been done. 

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