The Second Element - Air |

The second element - Air

What is Air or Vayu Prana - Simply put it is the energy which allows us to breathe and generate feelings or emotions, ability give and receive unconditional love.
The organs associated with the air energy is the heart / anahata chakra - lungs, heart and skin. 
We can hear and feel this energy, but cannot see, taste or smell this energy. 

Careers with Positive Air -  Careers that generate emotions like empathy, love, care, compassion, human resource management, Singing, Music, etc.
Career bottlenecks with negative Air - fear, jealousy, lack of emotions, frigidity, insensitive person,
Season associated with Air prana - Spring

E2 A - Medical equipments and medicine manufacturing companies - Sun PharmaDivis LabsCiplaDr. Reddys Labs
Readymade garment manufacturing for both men and women like Shirts, trousers, sarees, etc. - Arrow, United Colors of Benetton, 
When the garment manufacturing companies also retail their garments through their own flagship stores then they fall into both E2A and E2B category - Turtle, Raymonds etc. 

E2 E - Fashion designers - Manish MalhotraSabyasachiNeeta Lulla, etc.
Teachers & Educational Institutes - Heritage Institute of TechnologyHarvard Business School, IIT, IIM etc.
Doctors & Hospitals and Nursing homes - Apollo Hospitals, 
Lawyers & Law firms - Fox & Mandal, 
Tours and travel companies - MakeMyTrip, (however all the travel websites which just review and share travel information like would come in E1 A category)
Clubs and Associations - Indian Chamber of Commerce, CII, Advertising Club, Tollygunge Club, Bengal Rowing Club etc. 
Social Media Networking companies - Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram etc.
Manpower firms - placement consultants, Temp staffing and contract workers providing companies - ABC Consultants
Trainers & Training & development firms - 
Non-Profit, NGOs, Social cause organizations, Insurance companies like LIC - managing fear of uncertainty - managing emotions

Imbalance of Air element

Natural calamities associated -  Thunderstorms, 
Diseases associated in human beings  - Lung

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