Fire Element -

The third element - Fire / Agni tatwa

What is Fire / Agni - Simply put it is the energy which allows us to see and digest food.
The organs associated with the seeing and digesting faculty are eyes and abdomen region (all the organs like stomach, pancreas, liver etc. )
We cannot taste or smell fire energy.

Careers with Positive Fire - Photography, Sales, and marketing
Seasons - Summer
Source of Fire - Sunlight
Colour - Yellow
Energy Centre or Chakra associated - Solar Plexus
Balancing the fire element - Agnihotra Ritual, Eye rotation exercise, Boat Posture yoga, early morning sunbath
Food Items - All yellow foods like Corn, plenty of grains, green tea
Functional Departments in an organization - Finance, Sales & Marketing, Branding, Competition tracking, 

Imbalance of Fire element
Climate Change and Natural calamities associated - Wild fires, Heat waves, Global warming, increase in temperature of oceans, extreme drought
In the human body leads to illness and diseases in the stomach, liver, Gall Bladder, eyes, navel area, whole abdomen i.e. fever, visual impairment like myopia, Conjuctivitis (digestion related issues like acidity, diabetes, 
Career bottlenecks with imbalanced fire - High on negative fire - extreme anger, resentment, frustration, low on fire - depression, careless and not bothered approach, etc

Conjuctivitis - Inflammation of the transparent covering of the eye because of bacterial or viral infection or allergic reaction. The eye appears swollen, and red with itching sensation.

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