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The fourth element - Water

What is Water / Jal -
Simply put it is the energy which helps us to taste and procreate or design. We can hear, feel, see and taste this element, but cannot smell this element. 

The various aspects and transitions of WATER Element
Sensory Organ - Tongue
Sense and component parts - Taste
Sense Instruments - Procreation
Chakra or Energy Centre - Sacral or Svadhisthana Chakra
Chakral organs associated - The organs associated with the taste and reproduction faculty are tongue and lower abdomen region i.e. kidneys, urinary bladder, genitals, penis, vagina, ovaries, and related sexual organs located in lower abdomen
Associated Season - Rainy Season
Associated Colour - Orange
Presence in form of - Water Bodies - lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans

Careers with Positive Water - Design Thinking related careers. The higher taste with strong taste buds of tongue.Film makers, creative oriented careers like architecture, fine arts, event management etc
Career bottlenecks with negative Water - Lack of flow in life, Not being able to forget and forgive the past hurts and hateful memories, clinging to past

Government Body - Quality Control and standards bodies - Jal Jeevan Mission,
Water based Products - Water Filter, Mineral water bottles, Water treatment plants, water tanks, water pipelines, Bathroom fittings - taps, flush etc.
Water based services - Water filteration services, Plumber services, 
NGOs - wateraid.org, water.org,

Imbalance in Water - Disorders

In Human Healthcare - Hyponatremia and Hypernatremia, Kidney disorders - urinary track infection, reproductive ailments like erectile dysfunction in men, paraphimosis, and, PCOD, menstrual cramps etc among women. 
Natural calamities associated with imbalance of water -
Excess water - Floods,
Water Scarcity - droughts, heat waves, cyclones, tornados, etc.

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