Earth Element -

The fifth element - Earth

What is Earth / Dharti - Simply put it is the energy which allows us to smell and manage our physical movements, by way of bones and muscles.
The organs associated with the smelling and digesting faculty are nose and the entire muscular and skeleton system. 
We can do everything with this format of energy using our five senses - hear, feel, see, taste, smell. 

The various aspects and transitions of EARTH Element

Sensory Organ - Nose
Sense and component parts - Smell (Dogs have excellent earth element due to their advanced sniffing capabilities)
Sense Instruments - Excretion
Chakra or Energy Centre - Basic or Muladhara Chakra
Chakral organs associated - Large & Small Intestine
Associated Season - Autumn
Associated Colour - Red
Presence in form of - Earth - Soil & land area on the surface and beneath the Water Bodies

Careers with Positive Earth - These people have great sense of smell (Nose) with excellent spatial ability. For example - Administrative work, Airplane Pilots, and any other heavy vehicle driving, Logistics and Operations manager, sportsperson any activity related to physical in nature, pilot, formula 1 car, dance choreographer etc

Career bottlenecks with negative Earth

Imbalance of Earth element
Natural calamities associated - Earth Quake, Volcanic eruptions, 
Human diseases associated with - Arthritis, muscle pains, 

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