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Spiritual Art of Forgiveness - Steps & Procedure

Giving Forgiveness
Asking Forgiveness

We all make mistakes, knowingly or unknowingly. But we tend to harbour negative emotions for mistakes done by others, and tend to forget the mistakes done by us. Law of Karma is exact. In order to progress, one must forgive and forget. Forgiveness is therapeutic and helps calm the nerves and reduces stress.
Steps to do Mental Forgiveness: -
  1. List down the names whom you want to forgive and seek forgiveness on your smart phone notes / Excel sheet / Google Sheet. 
  2. Drink a glass of water, and sit in a quiet place where there is no distraction i.e. TV, music or someone entering the room etc. 
  3. Ideally visualize people one by one, and not a group of people. 
  4. One should ask forgiveness and give forgiveness both to the same person to properly neutralize the negative effects. 
Timings - You can do forgiveness at any time of the day, preferably early morning or late evening before going to bed. 
Forgiveness should always be done before meditation, and never after meditation.


First mentally recall the image of person whom you want to forgive, then play Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om and start reading the text as attached. 
Download & play from this youtube link (on your smart phone or any music system)Please, switch off your internet (wifi or mobile data) to avoid notification beeps on your smart phone.

After forgiveness, rotate your right hand to disconnect your cords & saying "Cut, Cut, Cut"

Repeat the process atleast 7 times a day and for one month to get relief faster.
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