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Guidelines for Clients - Prior to Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is the most powerful form of health recovery. Pranic healing can help identify the root cause of the illness, and help it heal, so that there is no re occurrence of the same problem in most of the cases . (if the patient follows all the guidelines suggested by our consultants)

Guidelines for fast and best results

Healing can be offered to any age person preferably between 5-75 years. We recommend parents or family members to co-ordinate with us for patients below 15 years and above 65 years, as we share our guidelines on nutrition, exercising and lifestyle, client observations and feedback over emails and whatsApp for the .

The first step is to fill our online registration form in detail sharing all the issues you are experiencing alongwith the pathology reports. In case you are taking routine medicines as prescribed by your doctor, you can stop or reduce the dosage only after consultation with your doctor.
Team Guruspeak will not be in a position to advice on your medicinal intake, however we would advice on the lifestyle changes and diet.
We are NOT an emergency medical service provider, and we cannot assist in case of accidents, heart failures or any illness that require immediate attention.

Then we identify the problem areas in the patients' body by scanning the chakras (Energy Centres) and the corresponding body parts by a process called Know Your Body (KYB). The KYB results are shared with the patient to validate the symptoms and issues shared by client (during conversation and in the registration form). Then, a healing schedule would be proposed by us based on your KYB scan or the healthcare package you have booked.
During the healing process, our healers will remove the depleted or dirty Prana and replenish the same with fresh positive Prana missing in the specific areas to heal the patient naturally through cosmic energy. It helps bring harmony between the energy centres and thereby naturally helps the client recover without any need of medication.

Healing requires patience and receptivity from clients as its a gradual process, and it may not have immediate results. However, most modern medicines work on the symptoms. For example If one has headache or fever, we find the reason for these symptoms and heal that area instead of offering medicines for reducing headache or fever.

Please share all your health observations by email only at connect@guruspeak.in Emails enable access of the same, anytime by any of our healers for future healing. Sharing feedback on Whatsapp or any other messaging app may not get recorded to our CRM database. We are working on a Guruspeak mobile app, and will share details once its ready.
Following are some broad guidelines: -

  1. Please ensure that the healing timings are not changed frequently unless there is some unforeseen emergency. Healing timings will be planned monthly, where the timings are mutually agreed on subject to availability of healers. You will receive the mobile number of the assigned consultant, and we will re assign a new consultant if there is any change. 
  2. Please call your consultant atleast 10 mins ahead of your scheduled time, to ensure the healing starts on time, and lets the healer know you are ready to receive healings. 
  3. Sit in a calm and quiet place and away from noise. Keep your mind receptive and not busy with any restless activity, like receiving phone call, talking, watching TV or whatsapp during the healing.

  4. Healing Posture - Please sit upright with spine erect, palms open and tip of the tongue touching your palate (roof of the mouth) - This posture enables healer to extract dirty and diseased energy and send fresh pranic energy in your body. In case of severe illness, the patient may lie on the bed with palms open. The healing session varies between 30 - 45 mins. 

We create Google Drive Excel sheet for each client or family. which gets regularly updated. Our recommendations and scan observations will also be updated in this sheet.

Please contact our support team at 9830669066 or email us for billing related queries or clarifications. All healing fees categories are available on our Bookings Page. Please avoid discussing billing related queries with the consultant / healer.