Cosmic Life Force & Five Elements -

Cosmic Life Force & Five Elements

Disease signifies discomfort, and hence we dislike it and want to be free from its pain and agony. Imbalance in cosmic life force and five elements causes diseases, and these elements also cure us. In all cases it is the life energy, the cosmic electrical force, that cures.

Life force is the only supreme, invariable power by which any or all methods of healing can be made effective. We are living because life energy sparkles in the bulb of our body - in the brain, the senses and in all the organs. This life force is powering the life-giving functions of : -


The Five Elements that are the principal source of energy for the body are Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. And the five senses and their elemental association with: -
Fire - Eyes and abdomen
Water - Tongue, urinary bladder and genitals
Earth - Nose and muscular and skeleton body 

In Ayurveda you will learn more about the three doshas
Vata - People with Vata-dominant prakruti are creative and free - spirited. They have amazing power of thought and bent towards spirituality.
Pitta - People with pitta-dominant prakruti are intense, organized and execution oriented, with a fantastic sense of purpose.
Kapha -

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