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Spiritual Quotes - The Golden Lotus Sutras - Achieve the Impossible

The Golden Lotus Sutras on the Science of Prosperity &  Spiritual Business Management - By Master Choa Kok Sui


Kriya means purification. Shakti means power. Kriya shakti means power that comes from purification.

Imagine an electrical wire. It has to be certain purity for energy to pass through it. If it is not pure, electricity would not reach a light bulb or electrical appliance. The same goes for your soul. Your chakras must be of certain purity so that the power can pass through your system, you can materialize just by thinking or saying.

What is the purpose of Kriya shakti?

1.To improve your life.

2.To help you fulfill your spiritual mission.

You may use Kriya shakti to manifest the Divine Plan.

Use Kriya shakti for a constructive purpose! Do not use for attacking people! Do not use it for attacking people.

Kriya shakti teaches you not only how to be prosperous but it also teaches you how to become a special person.

Kriya shakti involves karmic factors. It is simply the technique of “ depositing and withdrawing” from your karmic bank account.

Spiritual effort means asking for blessings, which will facilitate the materialization of your prosperity karma.


The Golden Rule is the practical application of the Law of Karma. You must give what you need in order to receive.

When you bless a person, you are being blessed.

If you wish for somebody not be succeed, you will go down.

The Law of Karma is not fatalistic. It gives you the ability to create your future. By planting the right seeds, you harvest the right crop.

You have to observe what kind of seeds you are planting because that is what you are going to harvest.

The Science of Materialization works only if you have something to karmically withdraw. What you want to receive is what you must give.

The Law of Karma is like the Law of Gravity. It is exact! All is you have to do is follow the law and the law will take care of you.

If you can make your life so miserable buy using the Law of Karma, You can make your life heaven into heaven also by the use of Law of Karma.

How do you know if you have good karma? Ask, “ Do I have bad luck? Have I been doing service and tithing for a long time?” When you want energy, do service. When you give and share, you become a channel for abundance. Giving money away is a science!

Neutralize possible problems before they occur. Fight without fighting.

When Kriya shakti does not work, it is because it cannot materialize properly. Or that you are not karmically entitled to the fulfillment of your wish.

The Law of Karma is closely tied to the Law of Evaluation. Karma will be made to manifest so it will have an evolutionary effect on your soul.

The purpose of Karma is to help you evolve, not to destroy you! The Law of Karma is exact! When a Karmic condition is finished, it is finished!

Fulfill your Karmic obligation because it is the smart thing to do. Just as you created your present condition through your past, you create your future condition through present deeds.

Vicissitude and misfortune are reflections  of the old you! They are manifestations of  negative karmic seeds planted in the past.

Create good karma. Help other people and treat people fairly.

If you do not karmically harvest your past good action, how will pay your good karmic debt?

There is no such thing as free. You will have to pay back in future. Neutralize your negative karma and have a better life! To know and to utilize the Law of Karma is to control the future. It will assist you in becoming more prosperous.

You cannot make a deliberately and think, “ I will generate good karma by tithing to neutralize the negative karma that will be generated.” This will not work.

Unless your karma is worked out, you cannot progress.

You have to avoid poverty Karma. Do not steal. Pay your debts on time.

Pride and gloating causes poverty among the rich and their children. If a person looks down on other people, that person will be looked down on by others.

When you see your children laughing at poor kid, make sure you tell them not to laugh and instead show compassion. If you do not, they will continue doing that when they grow up it will be a big, big problem.

When you teach your children compassion, you are establishing their foundation to become prosperous in the future.


Money is power! Money is a tool to be used by you. Money allows you to manifest the will to do good.

Your attitude reflects your financial condition.

Some people will see making money as difficult. What you think repeatedly  tends to manifest. You have to say it’s easy to make money.

If you have a positive attitude about money, your basic chakra will become strong. If you have a negative attitude about money, the basic chakras will be weak.

Money is like a woman. If you say you do not like her, she will go away.

To predict the future is difficult. To create the future is easier. Use the Law of  Karma to create your future!

The secret of making money is the stock market is in allowing the other guy to make money. If you want to make money, you just let other people make money.



Don’t be greedy. When you’re greedy, the investment is usually bad.

When you invest with moderation, with kindness, not out on greet, it will come back to you many, many times. When you invest based on greed, you cannot see your loss in front of you, you become blind, and you lose a lot of money.

You must put aside some of your money into savings, real estate, houses.

To have lots of money is good but you must be a master of money, not the slave. No point of working so hard if you cannot spend it.


Tithing is like the seed; the blessing is like the fertilizer.

Tithing is a science; it is based on the Law of Karma. A person cannot harvest what he has not sown!

Tithing is Spiritualized Materialism. Being materialistic in a spiritual way is good.

As far as money is concerned, use tithing, tithing, tithing. It is told in all religions.

How you give also affects the amount of money coming back.

If you want to have money, what you have to do is you have to plant money. You have to give money. By giving money, you will become blessed with lot of money. You plant mango, you harvest mango not potato.

You give away money, it comes back to many, many times. When you give money, you become a channel for money.

When you give your money , you will get the benefits. That is the law.

If you want to keep the money you have to give a part of it away.

When you get money like water, you have to give away money like water if you want it to flow. The moments you stop, it starts to slow down.

If you tithe, you must be willing to receive the diving blessings of prosperity. If you will not receive it, your capacity to give will be adversely affected. This goes against the Law of Cycles. If you don’t receive , you will get depleted. You cannot just exhale without inhaling.

If you want millions of dollars, give and share wisely. You must have good karma! If you announce it to everybody, you have already your good karma.

As you sow abundantly, you reap abundantly. One grain of wheat sown may come back to you about 120 grains of wheat.

Life is like an echo! When you give something, it comes back to you many, many times.

If you want to inhale, you have to exhale first. Within giving are the seeds of prosperity. In tithing, you must decree that the good karma will come back to you and your family many, many times.

Avoid financial emphysema! When you do not have money, you must give more.

Tithing means paying your karmic debts and creating good karma.

Tithe out of gratitude and to improve your spiritual connection- the size of spiritual cord.

Without tithing there is less abundance and less spiritual growth. You must give in proportion to what you want to receive.

Your future is in your hands. You just have to plant the right seeds.


Giving is only an act of kindness; it is also a smart thing to do!

Giving and receiving is a cycle will result in disaster. Non-giving is disastrous. Non-receiving is equally disastrous. The cycle must be maintained.

By giving, by sharing, you become entirely entitled to prosperity.

Generosity brings good luck.

If you want more profit, give! Tithe!

To become rich, practice the power of giving. Donate! Give!



Thoughts are energy. Firm belief is an emotional gunpowder, whether the thought created is positive or negative.

What you think repeatedly with conviction will tend to materialize. It is just a matter of time.

Spoken words have power. Written words have power. Though forms are real.

Use the spiritual approach. When you change the inner world, you change the physical world.

What happens in the world of energy will tend to manifest physically.

Based on the Law  of Correspondence, the reality that you create in your inner world, in the world of energy, is karmically permissible. That is why you have the Principle  of Abundance or the principle of Karmic Entitlement.

As your chakras become bigger, what you think and what you say will tend to manifest.

Thoughts need to be clear and simple, not complicated.

The lower chakras are the anchors in your life. Your output in life is only as good as your chakras. The condition of your chakras affects your prosperity. Get Pranic Healing!


In materialization you cannot have any doubts. It weakens your thoughts. The stronger the thought, the earlier it will bear fruits.

When you go to a city, you are actually in an ocean of thought and emotion created by the population of that city. 

Creating thought forms involves positive emotion, resulting in certainty, firm belief or faith. Your intention must be clear. Always start with clarity of intention!

In creating a thought form, do not say” for the good of all.” The thought form or energy being will become a philosopher and the thought form will have difficulty manifesting.

When you write something down, you tend to physicalize the thoughts.

Always consider what you have to invest to reach your target. Write down your objective!

Everything must be written down.

Be careful with concentrated thoughts. If they are within the realm of reality, they will materialize.

Maintain secrecy! Do not tell people what you are doing. Do not open yourself to outside interference.


What is important is not where you are right now. What is important is where you want to be!

Dressing well is a sign of success.

Having something to eat is a sign of prosperity.

Success is a manifestation of your growth and development. Success shows the degree to which you have mastered the teaching.

If you work intelligently and industriously, eventually you will succeed.

When you are internally strong, your ability to achieve success is greater.

An inability to feel happy when other people are successful will pull you down. Avoid enviousness.  

Be realistic. Do not ask for moon.

Success come from one-pointedness, not from diffusion.

Do not have too many objectives. One-pointedness is the key to success. Break one arrow at a time!

Constantly study in the matter to improve the situation. Start with something small and it will gradually become bigger and bigger. Can you have wealth and prosperity without using your head?

Success does not necessarily depend on hard physical work. Reformulate your strategy! Work through the details!

Remove your inner obstacles, and then go for your target. When you remain calm, you are ready to focus on the target.

Do not be paralyzed because of risk or fear. Can you do something about the risk? Take action!

External obstacles are nothing compared to internal obstacles. You are your own limitation. If you think it cannot be done, it cannot be done. Your greatest limitation comes from within .

After the storm comes the stillness. After the heavy rain, there is growth. After the unpleasant changes, there will be greater activity, greater success.

Things happen because you will them to happen. Creation is done by the will, by influencing the inner world.

To will is not enough, you have to dare. And you have to be courageous.

Will-effort must be maintained! The driving force must always be maintained!

Will have to parts: power and purpose. Without power, the purpose cannot be manifested. Power without purpose diffuses. Therefore, power becomes impotent.

By overcoming obstacles, your willpower becomes stronger, you will to manifest is being developed.


If you don’t budget your expenses. You are not in the position to give anything because you’re in a deficit. In general, try to be debt-free. Without budgeting, without moderation, there is nothing to save; there is nothing to invest.

All people should have an objective. They may lead a moderate life.

In Taoism, it is stated that you can gauge poor people by the things they will not do. And you can gauge rich people by how they spend and use their money.

The kind of richness that you want must be compatible with your style.

The Law of Karma dictates that what you waste will be taken away from you.

When you become careless with money, it means that the basic chakras is not as strong and as healthy as it should be. So budgeting is not only with money , it has to do with your time and your energy.

Making lots of money is good but you have to take care of your family . If you have so much money and no body to give to, what are you making for? There is no happiness.

To be rich is okay, but you must control money and not have money controlling you. You do not become slave of money.

If you do not save and invest, there are fewer channels for your good karma to manifest.




Pranic Fenic Shui is the management of subtle chi energy and directional chi energy.

Energy can affect your floating and your health. It can affect you psychologically, spiritually and financially.

The energy condition of your place affects your life. The energy condition of your home and office affects your health, wealth and happiness. The energy condition of your office is affected by your physical position. This is the science of positioning. If you have undesirable chi in your home or office, even if it is being circulated, it is still bad.

When you have the right Feng Shui, it is talking an escalator going up. Your effort is magnified! If you take the stairs, you do more work.

Pranic Feng Shui allows you to make your life better. People who study Kriya shakti and Pranic Feng Shui have more ambition.

What you see or hear affects you! They evoke a psychological response in you.

You must have free space without clutter. There must be order!

Surround yourself with objects that evoke positive psychological response. Throw away objects from the past with negative associations.

Right Feng Shui is not a guarantee for success. You must have good karma and intelligent work.

Even if your house or office have lots of prosperity energy, if you don’t work; how can you materialize it?

Good karma supersedes bad Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is just another factor. Your industriousness, Sharpness of mind, instinct, karma- all these affect your life. You cannot analyze everything based on Feng Shui only, but it is still very important.



Life is governed by seasons and by cycles.

Management is circular and cyclical. It is cyclical and it’s continuous; it’s not static. 

Management is not linear and not a one-time process. There must be constant feedback and constant readjustment.

The founder of an organization is the driving force.

 For same people, their business is their yoga.

Emotional strength and stamina are required to pass through the process of establishing a new company. You must be able to handle the exasperation and frustration that may comfort you while achieving the target.

Employers need to be hardworking, intelligently responsible, and have humanity.

Reliability or trustworthiness means you must stand by your word, your commitment.

You have to keep your word! You must produce results and accomplish the target.

Do things ethically! You are responsible for your actions.

When you are in power, do not be unnecessarily hard on people. Practice tolerance and patience. Show compassion. Do not use excessive force!

Board members need to see that executives are properly compensated. Be fair in all your dealings!

Be tough when it is necessary to be tough!

Without purpose, there is nothing!

While your purpose is fixed, the pan is always flexible. This is “dynamic management.” Be flexible. Be like water-constantly adjusting and flowing.

When a person loses his flexibility, it is a path of disaster!

Your plans must be kept secret! Do not divulge too much, people will obstruct your plan. Sometimes, silence is needed to achieve your target. 

You cannot stop change!

Plan is never fixed, but the objective is relatively permanent.

Near rest near the end of the project. Do not be complacent or be careless at the last moment when you are tired. Something may go wrong. Mistakes may happen. Keep going until the project is finished.

Strategic mistakes are fatal. They are simply deadly!

There must be quality control. Without it, the company will become extinct.

Without money, an organization will not run.

Always calculate if the profit generated is enough to meet the expense.

As much as possible, projects must be self-financing.

There are always risks. Calculate what the probability is. What is the cost? What will happen if something goes wrong?

Avoid a big overhead or excessive expenses. Avoid financial risks! Ask yourself, “If something goes wrong, can I handle the risk?”

Skillfulness in action is the ability to accomplish great tasks with minimal resources. Compute thoroughly!

There’s is a time for everything. Your activities must be properly timed.

Can you imagine if somebody decides to plant wheat during summer? What will happen? The investment will be wasted. What if somebody want to plant wheat when it is snowing, and the soil is hard? It is not possible as well. So the timing has to be correct. That is why in ancient times, the king hired people to make calendars.

With activities that are not important at all, do not waste your time on them. Time management- categories your activities. You have to make a list of things that you are going to do. When you have prioritized your activities, your mind is completely focused on one activity, nothing else. Just concentrate on one now, just concentrate on that activity.

Assumptions are just guessing.

Executive need to energize their brain to improve their thinking. Then they can make better decisions.

Convention or tradition is not the basis for making decisions!

Intuition is faster than rational intelligence.

Sometimes, making a tough decision is a necessity. To avoid making a tough decision will result in a disaster.

Listening to difference of opinion is usually productive. There will always be conflicts of opinions. It is the part of the process of harmonizing conflicting factors” in order to achieve a more balanced and effective decision.

Tunnel vision, Fanatical views, and ignoring important factors are a recipe for disaster.

Do not wallow emotionally in rumors, crises and manipulative schemes. The key is to spiritually transcend.

In life, there are many viewpoints to be considered. When people disagree, let it pass . Be calm- do not react. There will always be different opinions.

Very often, when people come to you complaining  about others, you must be careful! Do not believe something just because the person is the first to talk to you. Listen also to another person. There must be due process. Sometimes each point is valid, but one factor may be in conflict with another factor.

It takes only a few  people to initiate changes.

Hire the right people on top. People who always want to be “ number one” are usually immature- a character defect in the incarnated soul.

Hire someone loyal; the person will grow with you.

In big projects, the problem is not in getting money; money and resources are easily available. The challenge is to select the right raw material. Get the right people.

If you employ a person whose heart chakra is very small, the person may steal from you or may be a real pain in the neck. Scan your prospects. Employees have the responsibility to do their job properly and thoroughly.

You have to think very carefully whether you want to hire somebody permanently or temporarily because sometime some of these gaps can be filled through temporary service. It is not the permanent service that is required.

Do not abdicate. Delegate!

Task management is easier. People management requires greater skill.

Try implementation on a sector-by-sector basis. Break one arrow at a time.

In business today, management uses the firm alarm approach. When a person makes a mistake the alarm, goes off. If management only notice a person when he makes a mistake, but when he is doing a great job, this does not encourage people to excel.

The firm alarm approach is good for extinguishing fire and correcting mistakes but is not good for creating loyalty to the company, It is not good in creating commitment  in workers.

If a person cannot accomplish a small task properly, how can you accomplish a greater task? Use this as a basis for assigning important task to the right people.

Underpaying people is a form of stealing.

Every worker has the right to harvest the fruit of his labor in the form of  proper compensation.

There is a breaking point for everyone. If you give people too much temptation they will break.

The throat chakra, when it is not influenced by the higher soul. Manifests as delusion and lies. Under the influence of higher chakras and the soul, it manifests as objectiveness and creativity.


When you take care of your workers or your employees, you are generating good karma.

You may notice that when you are working, sometimes if you observe very carefully, the work is very, very slow. Because of stress, the mind does not become sharp. It does not become fast, it’s like you are struck. It is worse than a turtle. When the aura is dirty, the chakras are dirty.

Executive need to energize their bodies so that they can work efficiently and effectively.

Sometimes you reach a point where the stress is high and you notice that you have a tendency to start barking at people. The key is to have awareness of that. You have to clean your aura and your chakras. Bathe with warm water, salt, and lavender oil to remove them.

You do not refill your tank when your tank is empty. You start refilling your tank even though there is still gasoline in your tank. Don’t wait to become low before you recharge. Otherwise it will take a longer time.


According to ancient esoteric teachings, management through the seven rays reflects the seven energies utilized in the process of creation.

Understanding the seven rays gives you the ability to see people as you are.

In management, when you realize people belong to a certain way, you may utilize them more intelligently.

You need these seven rays or seven different viewpoints in your company. This model, when followed , gives you the power to be more successful.

Studying the seven rays as they apply to business management gives us a higher level of truth.

Different aspects of truth can be seen through the seven rays. Each ray sees things differently and has its own way of doing things. Each ray has a different opinion.

Balancing the seven rays is necessary for the survival of any enterprise. Prolonged overemphasis of a certain ray will result in disaster.

Extreme situations require extreme measures. But this approach cannot be applied for  prolonged period of time.

The sign of the maturity of the soul is the ability to harmonize the different energies, the different factors.


                                    FIRST RAY  


Innovation is creative destruction.

The first ray manifests as will. Will is composed of Purpose and Power.

The first ray is Shiva management. Shiva means, “destroy the old, create the new,” which we call remodeling or innovation; creating new order.

The nature of the first ray is expansion, survival and profit. People who belong to first ray energy do not take no for an answer. These people always finds a  way.

The first ray people are in charge with creative destruction, destroying the old form in order to create a new form, challenging the old ideas and coming up with new ideas.

They always want to win and never want to lose no matter whether they are right or wrong. To much will without love or intelligence manifests as cruelty. Too much leniency ends up in chaos.

Management by the first ray requires strict application of the principles of rewards and punishment, which will direct energy, the effort of the people within a company towards the objective.

First ray management requires the making of tough decisions, which are unpopular but necessary for the survival, growth and success of the company. Failure or the incapability to make difficult decisions will inevitably doom a project, a company, and even a country to bankruptcy.

Excessive use of management by the first ray will manifest as ruthlessness, which is at a times unnecessary and excessive, this manifests as sadistic cruelty when done with intention and delight. Prolonged and excessive use of extreme measures must be avoided.

The job of basic chakra is to survive or to help you survive physically and financially. Without the influence of higher chakras, without the influence of the soul, it manifests as greed or selfishness- making money at the expenses of other people. If it is under the influence of higher chakras, or the soul, it manifests as skillfulness in action.

The will aspect is usually embodied in the founder of an organization, who has the power and ability to create profit and get the job done.

The disciple of the first ray are connected with politics. They are the congressmen, senators, and governors. They are the politicians.

The radical disciples of the first ray are the rebels.

                                         SECOND RAY         

                                  LOVE AND WISDOM 

The second ray manifests as love and wisdom.

The second ray is Vishnu management; management by love.

It provides good karma. Second ray management gives the company heart.

Management by the second ray also manifests as taking care of the interest of investors and shareholders, employees, protecting the environment and the effects of the society.

Loving-kindness also means taking care of your employees. The second ray energy ensures that employees are well taken care of when they perform well. Consideration is given to employees a human being, not just as production input. There is a reward for good effort.

Second ray management is management buy consensus. The weakness of this ray manifests as trying to please every person, every constituent, and every special “special interest group”. This desire to please at the expense or ignoring very important, real factors will eventually manifest as disaster. In politics over a prolonged period of time, this may manifest as a financial crisis- bankruptcy of a state, bankruptcy of a nation.

If you have too much heart, the company will collapse. If you have the first ray alone, the organization tends to be ruthless and heartless. Having a good heart is good but it has to be accompanied by intelligence and by will, by the necessity to survive.


                                         THIRD RAY

                           ACTIVE INTELLIGENCE

The third ray manifests  as active intelligence, intelligence in motion-dynamic creative intelligence.

In the Indian tradition, intelligence that produces something is called Brahma, the third aspects of God: “ God is omniscient.”

Management by the third ray is called task management. It manifests as intuitive and rational strategic planning, through calculation, and skillfulness in implementation.

One of the common mistakes on the top level of management is laziness. They delegate a lot of activities, but in reality, they are abdicating because there is no monitoring and therefore, no corrective measures. Delegate not abdicate! 

For intelligence to be creative, it has to be active. Active intelligence is productive intelligence.

Active intelligence is to be differentiated from sterile intelligence. There are people who talk very well but cannot produce anything. Some executive look aggressive and talk impressively, but they are actually inutile(useless)- zero result.

Active intelligence is called “ directing intelligence.” It is called that because these are the executive. They direct people to do what is to be done. They direct departments.

To be able to direct, you have to able to plan. To be able to plan , you have to calculate. The third ray decides what steps need to be taken, how much money will be required, what the expenses and cash flow will be. They calculate, calculate, calculate!

Anything to do with money, any thing to do with numbers is done by the third ray. Anything to do with planning, calculation, everything is done by the third ray.

You must convert your ideas into numbers. So, when you plan something, there must always be numbers involved.

The disciples of the third ray are connected with the economy.

                                         FOURTH RAY


The fourth ray manifests as harmonizing conflicts factors.

In traditional esoteric teachings, the fourth ray is harmony through conflict. This is the external appearance.

The purpose of fourth ray management is to encourage a deeper study of the issues and to equally work out the conflicting factors, resulting in a good decision with minimal side effects.

Certain types of conflict are productive. A certain degree of conflicts is good. Competition is a form of conflict.

The sign of maturity of the soul is the ability to harmonize the different energies, the different factors. The maturity of the soul is  reflected by the ability to work on the different energies and harmonize this.

When you work on different types of energy, different types of rays, superficially it will look as though there are lot of conflicts. In reality , you are actually manipulating this energy in such a way that it will have a very positive and progressive effects.

Although conflicts initially looks irritating and bothersome, it is actually an ingredient that is necessary for refining and fine-tuning the decision.

When there is no conflict, you have what you call the Mao Tso-Tung Syndrome where there is no feedback  and there are no oppositions.

There will always be conflicts of opinions, conflicting factors. But not all conflicts are productive. Personality conflicts are not productive.

The ability to see different aspects or angles of an issue and come out with a balanced solution that is effective and workable is a sign of great maturity.


The fifth ray is concrete intelligence.

The fifth ray is the lower correspondence of the third ray. The third ray people are executive, while the fifth rays are the managers.

Third ray management is macro-task management while fifth ray management is micro-task management. The details are meticulously worked out in all departments. They take care of the daily functions. They take care of the daily operation.

This ray concretizes the abstract intelligence, the directing intelligence of the third ray. This is one of the essential keys to success in business.

Fifth ray management   is also management through technology, especially information technology, which in this present era plays a critical role.

Under fifth ray management is research and development, and also strict quality control.

                                      SIXTH RAY - DEVOTION 

Sixth ray management manifests as devotion or deep emotional commitment.

Emotional commitment manifests as deadlines, target dates and schedule show that the people are not emotionally committed to manifesting the plan.

The sixth ray is the lower correspondence of the second ray. Giving people good money is not enough. Giving them welfare, lots of benefits is not enough. The question is,” how do you create commitment to the work? How do you create loyalty? How do you create devotion to the company?”

Sixth ray management is people management. Through the proper management of people, it is possible to create a deep commitment to do the work and to the company.

A lot of people, instead of managing by reward and punishment, just manage by punishment.

Business school in the past have overemphasized task management. A good plan is useless if it is not implemented or is not properly implemented. To have a plan implemented requires good people management.

You have to be careful when you communicate with people because some of them will keep saying “ yes,” even they do not understand the task. You must have a feedback mechanism by making sure whether they do understand or not.

Sixth ray management requires proper nurturing, training, and guidance of workers. It requires proper recognition and appreciation of the positive contribution of the workers. People management requires patience, flexibility and constancy in dealing with people.

                                          SEVENTH RAY

                      ORGANISATION AND STRUCTURE

The seventh ray is the ray of organization and structure. It is lower correspondence of the first ray. Management by the seventh ray is organizational management.

Organizational management means clearly defining the organizational structure, functions, authority, responsibility, accountability: clearly establishing lines of communication, standard reporting forms and reporting schedules, standardized operation procedures.

From the view point of management, the organization is crystallized or standardized. The word “standardized” means to set a definite form that is repeated over and over again. “Form” could mean procedure or a reporting form.

When the organization is starting, the organization had to be small. The people are multi-function and multi-task.

If the organization has too many layers, it becomes inefficient and ineffective. Our challenge is to manage the forces inside. If we can conquer ourselves, we can inevitably conquer the forces outside.