Offering Food ritual - For animals, ancestors, and strangers too.

Offering Food ritual - For animals, ancestors, and strangers too.

The evolutionary barrier of incommunicability among Nature, animals, humans and astral angels is overcome by daily yajnas (rituals) of silent love. These rituals are a way to show our gratitude towards Nature for the unlimited gifts we have got.

There are three parts to the offering food ritual. 

Bhuta Yajna is a ritual is an offering of food to the animal kingdom (Animal Kingdom refers to birds in sky, fishes in water and dogs, cows, cats etc on land or earth) . This ceremony symbolizes man's realization of his obligations to lesser evolved forms of creation.  - Mahatma Gandhi used to perform this daily ritual.  Performing Bhuta Yajna is easier in India compared to other countries, as its easier to find stray animals in both urban and rural locales. 

Pitri Yajna is an offering of oblations to our ancestors, this is a way of acknowledgement of our debt to past generations, whose store of wisdom illuminates humanity today. Pitra Paksha is a 16 day period when this ritual is generally performed with Shraddha, and ends on Mahalaya. 

Nri Yajna is a ritual where food (generally cooked and ready to eat) is offered to strangers and poor, a symbol of the present responsibilities and duties of man. 

References - Autobiography of a Yogi
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