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Gratitude Meditation - Twin Hearts Meditation

Post Forgiveness practice, one should practice gratitude.

TWIN HEARTS MEDITATION By Grand Master Choa Kok Sui is the best meditation for generating Gratitude, which helps us thank the universe for all the good that has happened with us.

"When doing Twin Hearts Meditation, Divine Energy radiates throughout your Aura. Unwholesome emotions and thoughts are expelled and the mind becomes calm and peaceful." - Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

This is a 22 min meditation, and this guided meditation has all the instructions given, however if you face any discomfort or difficulty please contact any of your local pranic healing center for guidance. Following are some general guidelines for practicing the same: -

1) Please select a quiet area in a room where there are no disturbances, preferably when no one is in the room. 
2) Drink sufficient water before meditation, and do it before your meals. Avoid meditations immediately after your major meals like breakfast, lunch or dinner.
3) Do a set of physical exercises before & after meditation to help the energy circulation faster and smoother. 
4) Please keep your phone on silent mode and switch off the internet connectivity for avoiding notification beeps / interruptions during meditation. Needless to mention, avoid receiving calls during meditation. 

Below are four links for downloading Twin Hearts Meditation. Choose any one you prefer. Play any one of the file in offline mode after downloading on your phone, before meditation. 

You may listen using any of the music apps or download it on your smartphone for future practices.  Its ok if to have multiple and random thoughts during meditation, that's natural for new practitioners. Do let us know if you face any difficulty on practicing this and share your feedback after doing it. 

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