How to Reduce Stress and Increase Bliss -

1) How to Reduce Stress & Increase Bliss in your life?

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With the Pandemic not willing to go away. For the reasons well known... we all are reluctant visiting a hospital or clinic unless its extremely urgent and we want to avoid infections & contamination. So the only logical response to this would be to keep ourselves extremely fit and healthy by adopting preventive healthcare tips as below.
Below are some important & easy to implement tips to help eliminate diseases by improve your immunity...
  • Take a sea salt/rock salt bath – A bath in the salty sea water energizes and revitalizes all of us. Rock salt or sendha namak offers many benefits. It helps remove negative energies from the body, increases immunity, improves blood circulation, digestion, treats sore throats, and is good for skin health.
    The process is simple – just wet your skin and dab the salt gently on your skin. Do not rub. Keep it there for 3 to 5 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water like you wash using soap. Avoid sensitive areas like eyes, nose, ears, mouth, genitals, etc. and areas where you might have cuts or burns. If you have muscular pain, you can apply on the pain areas like knee joints etc. You may choose any packaged salt brand, you can buy from your nearest grocery shop or from online portals like Amazon, Grofers, BigBasket etc.

  • Purpose of Guruspeak
    The Digital Life – Reduce your physical contact with your smartphone. Keeping it always on your hand may lead to lack of sensitivity in the palms and hands and further lead to impairment with the brain waves. Using the smartphone too much may make us less patient. Also, lack of face-to-face interaction can lead to depression. It is also better to avoid keeping the smartphone near your pillow while sleeping.

    Switch off your mobile internet data, wifi connection, location services to save your health and phone battery both. When switched on and when you keep the phone in your hand, it can increase radiation and be very harmful.
  • Please use a wireless bluetooth headset for using your smartphones i.e. talking, listening to music. Do not hold your phone on your palms while watching a video, and this will help reduce the phone radiation getting in your body. emitting from your phones, with prolonged usage they can damage your ears with diseases like tinnitus.
  • Try actively reducing your social media time on smartphone & reduce your mobile screen time to avoid eye fatigue. Reducing instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, Telegram can surprisingly reduce irritability, anxiety and emotional disbalances. Its been seen that one call of say 60 secs can close all conversational loops of even 25 mins of instant messaging chats. So you save a lot of time too.
  • Indian Namaste is now being accepted as a greeting norm compared to a handshake. Now Indian toilets should also take the centre stage. Are you using a western type toilet commode? If yes then, please change your toilet commode to Indian type (for both home and office) - First they are more hygienic, with no direct contact of your body with the toilet seat in Indian toilets, Second the squatting position puts pressure on your lower abdomen area, thereby having a better bowel movement, helping reduce constipation. Prefer Indian toilets to western toilets specially in public places like Airports, Railway stations, hotels etc. In the wake of #coronavirus contamination this has become more important for any contamination.
  • Did you notice that your newspaper vendors & milk delivery people are rarely absent? They start their work early in the morning remain healthy for their lives with least illness issues (except some certain exceptions), as they are waking up early and cycle in fresh air in the morning. Sleeping early maybe at 10 pm and wake up at 5 - 6 am to balance your circadian & Infradian rhythms & improve your overall well being. In case you are working in a night shift job, then its better to find a new job in the day shift to avoid long term health complications. Recommend reading The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma for more inspirations.
  • Fooding Tips

  • While having food, focus on your food only, do not multitask i.e. do not do anything else while having your breakfast, lunch or dinner. It helps you to properly digest your food by releasing the required enzymes and hormones. For example Avoid watching TV, talking on phone or using a smartphone for whatsapp or any other app during eating. 
  • Whenever you face any stomach issues, switch to a complete fruit diet and also practice fasting once a week, i.e. skip one of your major meal either lunch or dinner, to clear the cache (as in computers)
  • For Non Vegetarians, please try and reduce your weekly intake of meat, eggs & other non veg food. Specially avoid red meat like pork & beef. You will learn more about it in Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul Course of Pranic Healing 
  • For Vegetarians, avoid mushrooms or any other plant item which are grown with no or less sunlight exposures
  • We all know, smoking, drinking, chewing tobacco, weeds or hallucinating drugs are injurious to health. In case you are consuming any of these, slowly reduce your intake of these items, and then completely stop. All these addictions create blockages in your entire body system of nerves, veins & arteries and increase possibilities of attracting various other diseases by reducing your immunity. 

Exercising & Fitness

  • Free-hand Yoga and other exercises in an open green environment are always better than working out in a gym in an airconditioned environment. Also, exercising in the morning till before sunset is always better than exercising in the evening. Get a Guruspeak Know your body - Health Assessment and chakral report, which will help you identify which chakras are unbalanced, and our team will guide on which exercises to do for faster healing and health improvements. 
  • Support a social cause You can volunteer your time and efforts with any NGO for a social cause close to your heart. Alternatively, it could be as simple as feeding stray animals and birds or teaching underprivileged children, etc. You will be happy and your life will be more meaningful and loving.

  • Ensure Positive EnvironmentThis is the most important one. Your environment plays an important role in your wellness. Check and make conscious changes as below: -

  • a.      Stop listening to loud & mindless music. Shift to soft and soulful music.
  • b.      See comedy and informative shows instead of violent and scary TV shows.
  • c.      Avoid porn and horror books. Read self-help and inspirational guides.
  • d.      Make sure that your living and workplaces are clean and peaceful. Stay away from a noisy and dirty neighborhood if you can.
  • e.      Stay surrounded by happy and positive people. Avoid those with a negative mindset. Always help your friends.

Spiritual Practices

  • Practicing forgiveness regularly can help reduce negative incidents/memories of the past from your subconscious mind/brain. Register yourself for personalized guidelines. 
  • Perform Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset, contact Save Cows India Charitable Trust team for the procedure and buying Agnihotra kits
  • Meditate Regularly - Practice an easy and short meditation to start with. Although a lot of meditative music is available on YouTube, Vimeo etc, however, you should do meditations that are suitable for your body and mind. Yog Nidra is the best place to start followed by Twin Hearts Meditation, Sudarshan Kriya for peace and illumination in your life. Guided Meditations like Yog Nidra can help balance your circadian/infradian rhythms. Guruspeak team can recommend meditations suitable for you. Alternatively, you can join any of the spiritual school for professional guidance on meditation practices like Art of Living Happiness Programs, Global Pranic Healing Courses or Yogoda Satsanga Society at any of these centres. The list will get updated to add other centres across India

A series of 10 booklets are being published under the Guruspeak Self-Help Series

Team Guruspeak wishes you a stress-free and blissful life ahead. Please visit our   support desk  for more tips on health and wellness. Contact us today at or call us at 9830669066

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