Business Healings for Success

Healing for Business teams and entities

Most of the businesses needs to undergo a major overhaul to sustain and survive in the post pandemic business environment, with Covid 19 disrupting every business. Guruspeak Business Harmony & Healing services are designed to : -
  1. Identify the purpose of your company and brands and give direction to your business
  2. Removes in-harmonies and inefficiency from the organization by helping you remove the bottlenecks
  3. Realign teams to discover latent talent and improve the overall efficiency of the teams.
  4. Identify the skillsets required to be recruited for next growth level

This include competency scanning of top management & key personnel and proposed realignment of teams and resources based on their skills and competencies to increase harmony and overall efficiency.

And disintegration & removal of

1. Preconceived & Prejudice ideas.
2. Obstruction any & all
3. Lack of faith & trust
4. Lack of communication among team members
5. Psychic attack from competitors or any other company
6. Limitations past negative memories.

Shielding of office, factory, godown locations with energizing root chakra of business entity.

Following information would be required from your top management, which would be private & confidential: -

Office and other business locations with address.
P&L and Balance Sheet for checking sales and profitability past three years
Current organizational structure, job roles and Hierarchy
Major Competitors & Current issues faced

Please contact us at or 9830669066 for a presentation & customized proposal. The average duration can range from 3 months to one year. 

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