5) Balancing Your Fire Energy: A Guide to Harmonizing your emotions & environment

5) Balancing Your Fire Energy: A Guide to Harmonizing your emotions & environment

We all have both positive and negative emotions, and all the emotions are represented by Fire and Air element as they can be felt and symbolises heart and solar plexus chakra

  1. Positive emotions include happiness, gratitude, love, kindness, sympathy, patience, fearlessness, strength, trust, confidence, truthfulness, will power, enthusiasm, devotion, discrimination, concentration, purity of mind, emotional maturity, self-control etc.  
  2. Negative emotions are the opposite of above, like - sadness, not being thankful, hatred, anger, fear, worry, doubt, lack of trust, resentment, impatience, lack of self-control, manipulation, or falsehood etc. 

Each of the above positive qualities are linked to each other, so if we are not truthful, we will not achieve calmness and peace of mind. And, when our positive emotions are stronger and deep rooted than our negative emotions, we become emotionally strong and resilient, and take positive actions inspite of all the adversities. We also do not suffer from emotional health issues like depression, suicidal tendencies etc. 

  1. Performing Agnihotra is one of the best ways to balance the fire energy within us and in our surroundings.
  2. Avoid watching scary, crime and dark TV series or films with violence to keep your emotions well in balance. 
We will share more tips on how to ensure that your positive emotions stay with you even at the time of adversity and tough times in this upcoming booklet. 

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